Women (WoW)

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The Working Group on Women develops actions to support and promote de role of Women in the areas of Telemedicine and eHealth in the world. It aims at developping collaborations with others WG, the Journal of the ISfTeH and international partners to make women visible in international conferences and scientific publications.


International Conferences

The Working Group on Women organised the Women Special Sessions at Medetel 2013 - 2017, with the support of Klughammer (http://www.klughammer.com), and the Women Observatory for eHealth of the Foundation Millennia2025 (http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org). An initial study conducted on Women and eHealth in 2010 - 2012 (http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/wehealth.html), helped to shape the programmes at Medetel, with a focus on Education, Research, Collaborations and Dissemination (http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/medetel.html). 

Since 2017, WoW is present at the Université eSanté, Castres, France (https://www.universite-esante.com/) and eHealthWorld in Monaco (https://e-healthworld.com/) and ISfTeH annual conference in Lisbon, Portugal (https://www.isfteh.org/news/24th_isfteh_international_conference)


Scientific articles at the Journal JISfTeH

Three Special Issues of the Journal of the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth (JISfTeH, http://journals.ukzn.ac.za/index.php/JISfTeH/) on "Women in eHealth", 2015,  2017 and 2018-2019 are published, with sixteen articles authored by women (http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/journal-of-isfteh---wow.html).


Collaborations WoW and ISfTeH Working Groups

WoW - Tele-Nursing:

The next Special Issue at the JISfTeH is planned in 2020 on  "Nurses and Midwives in Digital Health" (https://weobservatory.com/2019/08/15/call-for-articles/), in collaboration with WG Tele-Nursing (https://www.isfteh.org/working_groups/category/telenursing).

WoW - Francophonie:

Sixteen abstracts of the articles published at the JISfTeH since 2015 are translated in French (http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/journal-of-isfteh---wow.html) in collaboration with WG Francophonie (https://www.isfteh.org/working_groups/category/francophonie).

WoW and Francophonie attend the annual conference Université eSanté in Castres, France ( https://www.universite-esante.com).


Please visit: wow.isfteh.org