ISfTeH Working Groups

Within the frame of the ISfTeH, Working Groups play a major role.
They are conducted by members for members.
Yet, they need well defined criteria related to their creation and acceptance
by the ISfTeH Board as well as clear structure and functioning rules.

The ISfTeH is currently reviewing the overall structure and rules.
This task is in the hands of  a “Working Groups” committee that has been installed by the Board during its recent meeting in Zürich (February 2017), with following members :
Frank LIEVENS, Chair
Frederic LIEVENS
This work is planned to be ready by September 2017, at which time this website page will be updated.

Yet, so far, following Working Groups have been recognized :

  • Students
  • Nurses
  • Education
  • Open Source
  • Chronic Diseases Management
  • eHealth Economics
  • Medical- and Bio-Informatics
  • Social Media
  • Women (WoW)
  • Tele-Audiology
  • Tele-Dentistry
  • Tele-Dermatology
  • e-Hispanic

In due time, those Working Groups will also be reviewed and adapted under the new structure and rules.
But, in the meantime, you can still access the available information about each of the above Working Groups on their specific webpages by clicking on the listed links in the sidebar. 

Joining a Working Group

If you would like to join an ISfTeH Working Group, you need to be a registered ISfTeH member.

If you are already a member, please first log in.

If you are not yet a member, please apply for membership.