Standards and Accreditation for Telehealth Services

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  • Drago Rudel - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

To provide a new foundation on the basis of which successful and sustainable telehealth services can be built - carrying the trust of clinicians, health, social care and support practitioners, services users as well as formal and informal carers.

The Standards and Accreditation for Telehealth Services Working (SATS) Group will provide an environment where stakeholders (researchers, innovators, developers, companies, policy-makers) can work together to create standards to improve the quality of patient-centric telehealth services worldwide.

To enable the exchange of knowledge and experience among stakeholders in relation to service quality, appropriate standards and/or codes of practice, certification and/or accreditation procedures and policies for Telehealth Services (THS).


  1. Technology:
    • Advocating for:
      • increased use of THS wherever applicable by clinicians, professionals, patients and other users
      • evaluation of THS on national, European and wider international levels
      • appropriate standards be used as normative documents
      • the adoption of interoperability and open protocols
  2. Innovation:
    • Stimulating innovative ideas and promoting initiatives for further development of THS.
  3. Business:
    • Supporting interdisciplinary collaboration for improved remote healthcare provision and outcomes.
    • Supporting service approaches that respond flexibly to the needs and choices of users
  4. Professional:
    • Advancing knowledge and skills in THS through dissemination of standards and good practice guidelines.
    • Advocating for ethical use of THS.