eHealth Economics

  • Masatsugu TSUJI - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Dina ZIADLOU
  • Anthony Paulo SUNJAYA
  • Moustafa ALI
  • Olakanmi OLAGBEGI


The eHealth Economics Working Group consists of members of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth who are interested in research, promotion, or implementation of eHealth from an economics point of view.

eHealth/telemedicine are the application of ICT (information and communication technology) to medicine, which enables medical professionals such as doctors or nurses to examine, consult and monitor remote patients or senior people at home without face-to-face basis.

eHealth economics aims to analyzes eHealth/telemedicine by using economics, which includes theoretical as well as empirical studies, legal issues such as license or credentials to practice eHealth and telemedicine, and policy such as deregulation and reimbursement from medical insurance for further diffusion of eHealth and telemedicine.

In order to activate this academic as well as policy research and discussion, it is indispensable to share ideas, opinions, contemporary information on cutting-edge technologies, and policies of different countries among members in order to promote eHealth and telemedicine. In other words, this group is an essential platform for members who intend to vitalize and enhance further utilization of eHealth and telemedicine. By sharing information and in-depth discussions, members of this group will be able to contribute to the promotion of eHealth and telemedicine.