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  • Valerie HLADKY
  • Roxana NEDELCU

Our mission

To provide the best available personalized teledermatology healthcare services to individuals, their families, their healthcare providers and the communities we serve.

Our vision

To promote skin wellness as well as the prevention and treatment of skin disease through personalized healthcare services.

Our values

  1. Working group members believe in honoring the dignity, values and culture of the individuals we serve.
  2. We believe in comprehensive integrated teledermatology healthcare services to meet the goals and needs of individuals and healthcare providers we serve.
  3. We believe that many skin diseases are preventable and the early detection of disease, esp. malignant melanoma, is important.
  4. We believe our employees should be well trained, enthusiastic, engaged, aligned, competent, and trustworthy in order for us to be successful.
  5. We believe in working with individuals and their healthcare providers to develop innovative approaches to skin wellness and to implement evidence-based prevention and treatment of skin disease utilizing, in part, teledermatology.
  6. We believe it is our responsibility to provide high quality, safe, effective and efficient healthcare.
  7.  We believe in fair pricing of our professional and technical services to continue to grow, develop and improve upon the best, easily accessible, cost-effective teledermatology healthcare services.

Initial goals of the teledermatology working group

List and give definitions pertinent to teledermatology
Develop a prototype teledermatology consent form
Networking among members of the working group and others
Develop “best practice” teledermatology guidelines:

Patient confidentiality and privacy
Informed consent
Technical standards for live and asynchronous imaging
Technical standards for communication connectivity
Procedure to obtain teledermatology consultation
Use NCCN ( treatment protocols if indicated
Use CAP ( synoptic datapoints for melanoma

List of Dermoscopy websites 

The working group has compiled an initial list of dermoscopy websites.  Dermoscopy images can easily be sent, along with clinical photos of patients’ conditions, through the internet to experts to help members evaluate and manage their patients.  Members of the ISfTeH community who have additional websites or links to articles on dermoscopy are encouraged to contact the ISfTeH dermatology working group.