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International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth Basic Introductory Course


Telemedicine Training Outline




ISfTeH Working Group Tele-Cardiology

"Artifical Intelligence in Cardiology" (Nina Sesto, Yann Fleureau, moderators Alexandru Mischie and Adolfo Sparenberg). Record

ISfTeH Working Group Tele-Nursing

"Intervention Research in Nursing: Where we are now and why we need it" (Clarissa Rodrigues, PhD). Record at next link.
"Tele-Assistance Strategies to Support Institutionalized Elderly" (Patricia Dias, MSc). Record

"Evidence-based Practice of Tele-ICU implementation". Record

Previous webinars (<2017)

ISfTeH Working Group Tele-Dentistry

“Brazilian Special Interest Group of Teledentistry of the University Telemedicine Network – RUTE” (Dr. Ana Estela Haddad). Record at next link.

“Dentistry eLearning Course for Special Needs Patients” (Dr. Deise Garrido). Record

"Estomatonet" (Prof Dr Vinicus Carrard). Record

ISfTeH Working Group Collaborative Care Team in Open Source

"Collaborative Care Team in Open Source" (coordinator Dr Etienne Saliez, expert panel). Record

ISfTeH Working Group Students

"Evidence Based Practice: To Improve ICU Nurses’ Acceptance of Tele Intensive Care Unit" (Prof. Ling Li). Record (since 57 m)

"Impact of Telemedicine in Infectious Diseases and Bacterial Resistance" (Prof. Dr. Rodrigo P. Santos). Record


Master/Bachelor Degree Programs

Telemedicine/eHealth/Digital Health


Organisation: Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Savonia)

Subject:  Master in Digital Health

Language: English

Duration: 1,5 - 3 years (if the student is not working and studies full-time, the degree can be obtained in a shorter timespan; usually adult students are part-time students due to their daytime work)

Certificate: Yes (Master of Social and Health Care)

Fee: Yes. Support grant available for some categories of students (


Contact: Overall student issues: - Content issues:

New application perdiod opening March 2019.

Health care is changing towards patient-centered care and new skills are needed: see 


Organisation Aga Khan Development Network eHealth Resource Centre

Subject:  Online Certificate Course in eHealth

Language: English

Duration: 1 year

Certificate: Yes (by the Aga Khan Development Network eHealth Resource Centre)

Fee: Yes

Tutorial: AKDN eHRC is offering a year-long certificate course in eHealth designed to build the eHealth capacities of professionals in the health sector, help them understand the concepts of eHealth and eHealth solutions, and address the challenges around eHealth service delivery in the developing world. Participants will be able to manage, administer and provide implementation oversight for eHealth programmes in low- and middle-income countries.


Booklet: Download the file




Organisation: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

Subject: Biomedical Engineering, Telemedicine and E-health (Design of Integrated Telemedicine Systems) - master

Language: English, Russian

Duration: 2 years

Certificate: Yes (Master's of Science)

Fee: Support grant available for some categories of students

Web:, contact e-mail




Organisation: The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Subject: Telemedicine and E-health - master

Language: Norway

Duration: 2 years

Certificate: Yes (Master's of Science in Telemedicine and E-health)

Fee: Tuition free

Tutorial: The two-year program provides insight into the design, application and implementation of modern technology to public healthcare services. During the first year, students are required to finish all the mandatory courses. Both the theoretical and methodological dimensions of the program will be covered. The second year focuses mainly on the student's individual research project and the write-up of the Master's Thesis.


Booklet: Download the file




Medical/Health Informatics


Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, THD), Institute of Applied Health Sciences, European Campus Rottal-Inn

Subject 1: International Master’s in Medical Informatics in the Heart of Europe

The Master of Science Program in Medical Informatics (MMI) at European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) in Pfarrkirchen – a branch of the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (THD – Technische Hochschule Deggendorf) in Bavaria, Germany – is accepting applications for entry in October 2018.


Subject 2: Medical Informatics, eHealth, Telemedicine, Health Telematics

Language: English

Duration: 3 semesters (90 ECTS)

Certificate: M.Sc. degree

Fee: NO (only students' service fee EUR 52 per semester)

Tutorial: Modules include: International Healthcare Management, International Healthca”master Degree Programs”re Law, Medical Informatics, eHealth and Telemedicine, Standards, Terminologies and Classification in Medicine, Evidence Based Medicine, Medical Documentation Systems, Hospital Information System, eHealth Application Systems, Health Economy, Medical Statistics and Data Analysis, Collaborative Systems and International Project Management, Data Security and Data Protection, Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Communication, Seminar Work, Master Thesis.


Booklet: Download the file


Subject 3: Health Informatics

Language: English

Duration: 7 semesters

Certificate: B.Sc. degree

Fee: NO (only students' service fee EUR 52 per semester)

Tutorial: This degree course educates students to become computer scientists in the health industry. Informatics-based, medical, scientific and technical knowledge in healthcare and in the healthcare industry are influential in management. This course provides knowledge and skills to design information systems for the healthcare sector and throughout the healthcare industry to develop, configure, operate, and comply with the applicable rules and regulations.


Booklet: Download the file



Organisation: Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery

Subject: Nursing Informatics (NI)

Language: Iran

Duration: 2 years

Certificate: Yes (MSc)

Fee: Yes

Tutorial: NI is the integration of nursing, computer and information science. It prepare nurses for working in a challenging area of information technology ever changing era. Contents are in three categories of courses with focus on nursing informatics competencies.


Booklet: Download the file


Organisation: Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Instituto Internazionale di TeleMedicina, Associazione Italiana di Informatica Medica e Telemedicina 

Subject: Informatica Medica e Telemedicina

Language: Italian

Duration: 1500 hours

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Yes

Tutorial: Master Course (60 CFU) including medical informatics, telemedicine, information security, data mining, biostatistics, sensors, Internet and social media in health care, financial issues, ICT for doctor-patient relations, international collaboration.


Booklet: Download the file


Distant Learning Courses


Organisation: FSBI Research Institute for Urology, Moscow

Subject: Organisational and Clinical Issues of Telemedicine in Urology

Language: Russian

Duration: 72 hours

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Free of charge



Organisation: Rio de Janeiro UERJ Telehealth Center

Subject: Post-Graduate Program in Telemedicine and eHealth. Professional Master Degree

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 2 years

Certificate: Yes

Fee: No

Tutorial: The Professional Master aims the training of human resources capable of conducting research and apply it at work, in different productive sectors in Telemedicine and Telehealth. This is a semi-presential course that uses a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with oriented interfaces to mobile devices via a responsive web design and active methods of teaching and learning,  besides an infrastructure for  teleconference. In this matter, to gathering foreign cooperators may contribute for exchanging similar initiatives around the world. The main result expected is the expansion and sustainability of telemedicine and telehealth in Brazil and in other countries.


Booklet: Download the file


Organisation: eHCF School of Medical Informatics 

Subject: Medical Informatics

Language: English

Duration: 3 months

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Yes

Tutorial: The course tutorial will begin with the basics of Computers and then cover the more advanced and complex areas of Medical Informatics. The course will deal with the intricacies involved in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Medicines


Booklet: Download the file


Organisation: Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica

Subject: Telesalud (Telehealth)

Language: Spanish

Duration: 160 hours

Certificate: Yes

Fee: Yes

Tutorial: contenido temático - fundamentos para la Telesalud, redes de comunicación para la Telesalud, aplicaciones clínicas en Telesalud, apoyo en la toma de decisiones en Telesalud.





Titul: Information Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare

Authors: A.Vladzymyrskyy, P.Mihova, I.Pendzhurov

Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-954-535-755-8

Language: English, Bulgarian