Digital Transformation Leadership

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The Digital Transformation Leadership (DTL) working group will develop leadership skills through the lens of digital transformation. The goal of this working group is to empower healthcare professionals around the globe in leadership skills and digital transformation. This working group will nurture the agent of transformation via discovering people's capabilities and their leadership styles in order to empower them to be the leaders of the digital transformation journey. The digital transformation leaders will be able to unleash the human capital and capability of others to improve productivity and dynamic in their work environment. In this regard, DTL will design a series of leadership workshops with a concentration in digital healthcare to educate and empower future leaders and early and mid-career healthcare professionals around the globe. Also, this group will provide a context for the exchange of experience in DTL (learning from learnings) to improve the digital transformation leadership styles.


Empowering students, early entrepreneurs, early and mid-managers, healthcare professionals, new leaders, digital health professionals, and digital health managers in leadership skills and digital transformation around the globe.
Fostering digital transformation agent
Promoting leadership skills
Promoting digital transformation leadership skills
Improving healthcare outcomes through human capital empowerment


We believe in diversity. We believe to create sustainable effectiveness healthcare organizations to promote 5Ps: People, Peace, Prosperity, Planet, and Partnership.

We believe that leadership is about building trust and relationships. It is about the way that we are motiving, inspiring, and empowering people to discover capabilities, improve self-mastery, and motivate self-development and other-development toward creating the desired future.

We believe that the Quadruple Aim of healthcare (patient experience, population health, cost-effectiveness, and care team well-being) are derived from capable leaders. In the digital transformation era, fully embracing the transformation comes from capable digital transformation leaders.


Empower every individual and every organization in digital transformation leadership toward creating sustainable effectiveness organizations. 


Create digital transformation leaders and create a shared vision in DTL in every community, every country around the world.