• Emmanuel ABARA, MD FRCSC FACS FICS MSc.CH - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Aaron MARTIN, MD
  • Mohamed JALLOH, MD
  • Cristian TOMA

Our Vision: To provide the best and possible personalized teleurology health and educational services to individuals, their families, their health care professionals and the communities we serve.

Our Mission: To promote the practice of teleurology for the purpose of prevention and management of urological ailments, using available technology to improve access to quality and appropriate person-centred care.

Our Values:

  1. We believe in honouring the dignity, values and cultures of the individuals we serve.
  2. We believe in collaborative comprehensive teleurology health care to meet the needs of individuals, health care providers, health organizations and communities.
  3. We believe that through effective education, preventive and early disease detective measures better quality of life is achievable.
  4. We believe that we, our employees, colleagues, partners, learners should be enthusiastic, well-trained, competent and trustworthy in order for us to be successful.
  5. We believe in working with individuals and their healthcare providers to apply and develop innovative ways and techniques to improve access to quality urologic care in time and space.
  6. We believe it is our responsibility to promote and provide the best quality, appropriate, safe, effective and efficient urologic care within the context and limits of available technology and resources.
  7. We believe in fair pricing of our professional and technical services to continue to grow, develop, and improve upon the best, easily accessible, cost-effective teleurology health care services.
  8. We believe in continuing quality improvement, good safety and risk management strategies in all avenues of care we shall provide.
  9. We believe in long term, life time learning and reflective practice for the full benefit of the individuals and the communities we serve.
  10. We believe in transparency, being socially responsible and accountable with cultural sensitivity and respectfulness.

Our Goals include:

  1. Enumerate and give definitions pertinent to teleurology
  2. Develop a prototype teleurology consent Form and other relevant working documents
  3. Establish effective networking among members of the working group and others
  4. Develop "best practice" teleurology guidelines

Issues and standards:

  1. Patient confidentiality and privacy
  2. Informed consent
  3. Technical standards for live and asynchronous imaging
  4. Technical standards for communication connectivity
  5. Procedure to obtain teleurology consultation
  6. Review protocols and practices from different telemedicine and eHealth networks around the world
  7. Grow the practice of teleurology

Potential growth stimulators:

  1. Grow networks and keep records of practitioners of teleurology success stories and challenges
  2. Research and development
  3. Building network of partners and stakeholders: industry, health organizations, urological associations, national Health care systems and collaterals, etc.
  4. Professional development programs and sharing of information, best practice