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2016 UNDP Health Policy in Emerhing Economies and Challenges

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M2M/IoT Technical Reports from Ministry of Commuications and Information Technology, Government of India

M2M/ IoT Technical Reports (Release 2.0, November 2015)
M2M Number resource requirement & options
V2V / V2I Radio communication and Embedded SIM
Spectrum requirements  for PLC and Low power RF communications

M2M/ IoT Technical Reports (Release 1.0, November 2015)
ICT deployment and strategies for India’s Smart Cities: A Curtain Raiser

Breast Cancer and mHealth

In a couple years simple apps containing self-exam instructions and manuals for breast cancer prevention will be replaced by wearables. Wrist Bands, clip-on, smart watches became usual for fitness fans. But a completely new gadgets should be developed for women taking care of their health. It must help perform a regular breast examination and detect different risks and symptoms of a disease at a totally new level of quality, confidence and availability

TeleHealth in India: the Apollo Contribution and an Overview

Dr. K. Ganapathy

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Good Practice Telemedicine Model for MDR-Tuberculosis Care

Telemedicine Anti-Tuberculosis Network

FSU Medical School Treats Panamanian Patients via Videoconferencing



Report about the SFM 2012 (Telemedicine VII session), Saratov, Russia

Connecting for Health - Global Vision, Local Insight - Report for the World Summit on the Informatio