Telemedicine/eHealth History

Atlas of the Telemedicine History

"Atlas of the Telemedicine History" by Yu.V. Dumanskyy, A. Vladzymyrskyy, V.M. Lobas, and F. Lievens, 2013

Illustrations of the main historical stages of the telemedicine evelopment are presented in the Atlas. Main motive factor for the telemedicine development is a man thinking; there is information about many doctors, engineers and scientists efforts of which during decades were directed on creation of the modern system of eHealth in the book. The Atlas is intended for wide public, managers of health care, medical doctors, scientists, teachers at medical and technical educational establishments, residents, graduate students, students

A Century of Telemedicine: Curatio Sine Distantia et Tempora

Anton Vladzymyrskyy, Malina Jordanova and Frank Lievens

“A Century of Telemedicine: Curatio Sine Distantia et Tempora. A World Wide Overview ” Part I

Editors: A. Vladzymyrskyy, M. Jordanova, F. Lievens

The book "A Century of Telemedicine - A World Wide Overview (Part I)" is the first of a new series, dedicated to a detailed presentation of Telemedicine and eHealth history in various countries. The chapters reveal different national and cultural points of view in the development and implementation of Telemedicine/eHealth solutions for the treatment of patients and wellbeing of citizens. This book provides a glimpse and summarizes the best practical achievements, existing solutions and experiences in six countries - Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Nigeria and Russia. The goal is to share these experiences with international, national and regional institutions and policy makers as well as with all groups or individuals involved in healthcare. The book was launched during the international Med-e-Tel conference (April 2017, Luxembourg). This new series was inspired by an original monograph dedicated to deep scientific analysis of the history of telemedicine technology worldwide.

The history of Telehealth in Rio Janeiro State Brazil (book)

Alexandra Monteiro, João Neves

The book in different formats is freely available at

Lessons learned from 25 years with telemedicine in Northern Norway (book)

Gunnar Hartvigsen, Steinar Pedersen

The book is freely available on the net in two versions: (high resolutions images)