Luis Gonçalves, Miguel Castelo-Branco, Nando Campanella

Copyright: SITT, Universidade BEIRA INTERIOR, 2018

Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO

The classification of digital health interventions (DHIs) categorizes the different ways in which digital and mobile technologies are being used to support health system needs

eHealth: A Step towards the Universal Health Coverage in Developing Countries

Editors: Malina JORDANOVA, Leonid ANDROUCHKO, Isao NAKAJIMA Copyright 2017 EDUFMA

Manuel de Médecine de Catastrophe

Henri Julien

Sao Paulo Carinhosa

Ana Estela Haddad (Editor)

O que grandes ciudades e politicas intersetoriais podem fazer pela Primeira Infancia.

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Successful partnerships for international collaboration in e-health: the need for organiz

Prof. Yunkap S. KWANKAM

Published in : WHO Bulletin ("Bull World Health Organ 2012;90:395–397 | doi:10.2471/BLT.12.103770”)

Télémédecine – Enjeux et pratiques

Pierre Simon

Is a virtual rural healthcare service the answer for India?

Krishnan Ganapathy, former President of the Neurosurgical Society of India and The Telemedicine Society of India

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IT will transform Health Delivery – Policy changes in India

Rajendra P. GUPTA

(published in Modern Medicare – January 2013)

“The Use of Novel Information Technology in Military Medicine and Mass Casualty Situation Training”

Jarmo Jokela

The Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) database: A new approach for delineation of tinnitus subtype

Michael Landgrebe , Florian Zeman , Michael Koller , Yvonne Eberl , Markus Mohr, Jean Reiter , Susanne Staudinger , Goeran Hajak , Berthold Langguth

“Initiate - Build - Operate - Transfer”: A Strategy for Establishing Sustainable Telemedicine Progra

Latifi R., Merrell R. C., Doarn C. R., Hadeed G. J., Bekteshi F., Lecaj I., Boucha K., Hajdari F., Hoxha A., Koshi D., de Leonni Stanonik M., Berisha B., Novoberdaliu K., Imeri A., Weinstein R. S

New Bulgarian University “Textbook eHealth”

Vinarova J., P.Mihova, St.Tonev, A.Petkov

The Organizational Challenge for Healthcare from Telemedicine and eHealth

I. H. Monrad Aas

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The Role of Telemedicine and Information Technology in the Redevelopment of Medical Systems

Rifat Latifi, Shaip Muja, Flamur Bekteshi, Ronald C. Merrell

Current Principles and Practices of Telemedicine and eHealth

Rifat Latifi et al.:

Telehealth: Clinical Guidelines and Technical Standards for Telerehabilitation - SUMMARY

Gilles Pineau, Khalil Moqadem, Carole St-Hilaire, Éric Levac, Bruno Hamel, Hélène Bergeron, Alexandra Obadia, Lorraine Caron

Agence d?Évaluation des Technologies et des Modes d?Intervention en Santé - Québec

Telehealth: Clinical Guidelines and Technological Standards for Telepsychiatry - SUMMARY

Gilles Pineau, Khalil Moqadem, Carole St-Hilaire, Robert Perreault, Éric Levac, Bruno Hamel, Alexandra Obadia, Lorraine Caron

Agence d?Évaluation des Technologies et des Modes d?Intervention en Santé - Québec

Encouraging the Growth of Telehealth

Frank Lievens, Secretary International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH)

Government Gazette – October 2011