July 15, 2022

WHO consultancy position: telemedicine practices in clinical settings

The WHO has advertised a consultancy position for telemedicine practices in clinical setting.

You can access the position through this link.

It is for 11 months and the key objectives are:

Objective 1: Synthesize scoping reviews and other relevant publications; identify the key information gap and prepare the content based on the proposed outline.

  • Output 1: Work closely with the identified research team on scoping and synthesizing the available evidence and best practices as well as existing challenges of telemedicine practices specially on limited resource settings.
  • Output 2: Develop content, including a series of use cases based on the suggested outline for the toolkit in consultation with the CSY team.
  • Output 3: Prepare the draft for peer review in collaboration with the CSY team.
  • Output 4: Collect feedback and edit the revisions of the toolkit based on the received feedback.
  • Output 5: Attend meetings as required and provide weekly report to the project team.

Objective 2: Facilitate implementation and adaptation of the toolkit to local contexts.

  • Output 1: Collect lessons learned, identify gaps, and update the content.
  • Output 2: Facilitate country implementation, attend meetings, and provide weekly report to the project team.

For more information, or to apply, click here. Closing date: July 21, 2022.