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The Education Working Group had a very successful session at Med-e-Tel 2014 (, chaired by Prof. Saroj Mishra. The session was called in response to requests by Prof. Mishra and other member societies for the ISfTeH to provide telemedicine education. During the session the differences between education – leading to a formal academic qualification, training – leading to the acquisition of skills, and raising the awareness of health professionals and the general community, were discussed.
It was determined that what was being requested is a combination of education, training and awareness. It was acknowledged that training, as opposed to education, would in most instances be country and even region specific depending on the hardware and infrastructure in use. The content of the basic Introduction to Telemedicine course developed for the ISfTeH in 2007 was discussed and it was agreed that this would serve as the foundation for further discussion. Prof. Mishra undertook to start reviewing changes required to the course.

Coordinators of the Education Working Group are Prof. Saroj Mishra (Chair) and Prof. Valery Stolyar (Co-Chair). Anyone who is interested in joining th Working Group can contact Saroj Mishra at and/or Valery Stolyar at