Chronic Disease Management

  • Gianfranco Mochi - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Morteza Ghareh Gozlou
  • Nixon Tiberio Garcia Mendez
  • Taiwo Ojo
  • Maxwell Dzokoto
  • Dina Ziadlou
  • Jeremiah Acharibasam
  • Anthony Paulo Sunjaya
  • Rohin Rameswarapu

The so called “Chronic Disease Management” approach wants to achieve two clear goals: a better life for chronic patients and a better use of healthcare resources. That can be done by implementing a sound organisation and standardised procedures, as well as taking advantage of the more and more rapidly developing ICT applications. This ISfTeH Working Group aims to promote the cooperation among professionals, companies and institutions with different viewpoints, approaches, expertise and cultures in the field of Chronic Disease Management.

The shift towards new models of homecare can generate a better quality of life for the patients and a
more sustainable use of the available resources.

Mission Statement
Employing ethics, technology and multidisciplinary expertise to achieve measurable outcomes on chronic
patients’ wellness and healthcare cost containment.

Main goals

  • Finding a consensus about terminology and fields of application.
  • Focusing on the real needs and expectations of patients and payers.
  • Promoting the model shift among healthcare providers, institutions and the society.
  • Drawing dynamic models suitable for different cultures and organizations.
  • Boosting and supporting multinational/multispecialty projects and experiences.
  • Developing tools and procedures aimed to measure the projects’ outcomes.
  • Suggesting operational guidelines for different pathologies.
  • Recommending standards for data protection, collection, transmission and storage, as well as for medical devices and software applications.
  • Building an interactive web-site aimed to receive and spread consistent information, including databases focused on:

               · professionals, companies, sponsors/funders potentially interested in partnerships,
               · hardware/software/ICT providers,
               · published studies about Chronic Disease Management,
               · achieved clinical and economical outcomes,
               · in-progress projects and experiences in different countries.

To join the workgroup or for more information, please contact Dr Gianfranco Mochi at