Past Webinars


May 27 Space exploration with remote medicine/telemedicine
May 7 Digital Health for Space & Extreme Environments Technology in Health Care: A Peep Into the Future
Feb 28 Tele Cardiology 2021 ESC Guidelines on Valvular Heart Disease
Jan 13 Tele Cardiology New 2021 Guidelines for the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Chest Pain from AHA/ACC/ASE/CHEST/SAEM/SCCT


Dec 20 Tele Cardiology The best of AHA 2021-overview of most important trials and guidelines
Dec 8 ZOOM (ISfTeH Corporate Member) Healthcare Gone Hybrid - Virtual Delivery Models with focus on Middle East
Nov 19 Tele Cardiology Legends in Cardiology: Prof. Alain Cribier on TAVI: how it all begun & future perspectives
Nov 17 Standards and Accreditation for Telehealth Services Working Group International Accreditation in Telehealth and eHealth
Nov 17 Partner Improving Global Health through Digital Health Accreditation
Oct 18 Tele Cardiology Cardiac Amyloidosis: All you need to know
Sep 30 Healthcare Disparities and Digital Health Working Group SCALABILITY: How to take your telehealth program to the next level
Sep 16 Students Group Digital Health Initiatives in Education
Sep 10 Tele Cardiology Tips and Tricks in TAVR
Aug 10 Digital Transformation Leadership (DTL) Patient Engagement Leadership
Aug 6 Tele Cardiology Issues in CTO PCI
Jul 1 Tele Cardiology Vulnerable Plaque
Jun 30 Digital Transformation Leadership (DTL) Developing Innovation Toward Value-based Healthcare Creation
Jun 25 Healthcare Disparities Digital Health: Closing the Healthcare Gap
Jun 17 Partner Digital Health Around the World: Experiences and Views of Experts
Jun 1 Tele Cardiology Tips and tricks in Biffurcations
May 26 Tele Nursing Telenursing webinar - 2020 Retrospective: Year of the Nurse & Midwife
May 19 Tele Cardiology Webinar: “The best of ACC 2021-overview of most important trials and guidelines”
Mar 29 Tele Cardiology From the mercury sphygmomanometer to the smartphone: blood pressure measurement in the digital era
Mar 8 Telenursing Telenursing in the time of COVID-19
Mar 4 Tele Cardiology Meet the Authors:  2020 ESC Guidelines for the management of adult congenital heart disease


Dec 7 Partner Telehealth Policy Update - Changes for 2021
Nov 30 Capacity Building Capacity Building for Digital Health - Global Perspective
Nov 27 Tele Cardiology Tips and Tricks in Echocardiography: meet the experts
Nov 17 Tele Cardiology The best of AHA 2020-overview of most important trials and guidelines
Nov 17 Telerehabilitation in times of COVID-19
Nov 11 Partner Getting started in telemedicine amidst a pandemic
Oct 29 Tele Cardiology ISCHEMIA TRIAL: join the authors for deep dive inside the trial that changed our practice
Oct 21 Tele Cardiology Sleep Management and Cardiovascular Disease
Oct 20 Partner Family Caregiving and Telehealth in the Era of COVID-19
Sep 23 Tele Urology Teleurology, Before, During and After COVID-19 pandemic
Sep 22 Partner Webinar: The Expansion of Telemental Health in the Time of COVID-19
Sep 22 Tele Nursing Supporting nurses and other health professionals to evaluate health apps for their patients
Sep 16 Digital Transformation Leadership Webinar: Digital Transformation Leadership Working Group-DTL
Sep 2 Tele Cardiology Webinar: The best of ESC 2020 – Overview of most important trials and guidelines
Jul 28 Tele Cardiology How to boost your immunity on COVID pandemic: stress reduction, yoga, diet and cold exposure
Jul 15 Tele Cardiology Hot topics in preventive cardiology
Jul 1 Tele Cardiology EuroHeart: An ESC project to develop a new IT registry
Jun 25 Partner M-Health: Best practices and new trends around patient monitoring at hospital @ home
Jun 25 Tele Cardiology Contemporary Practices in STEMI
Jun 23 Partner Telehealth Policy and Reimbursement Issues in the Era of COVID-19
Jun 4 Tele Cardiology Hypertension Management, Telemedicine in a Pandemic & Beyond
May 30 Digital Transformation Leadership Digital Transformation Leadership-DTL 1
May 12 Tele Cardiology Social media impact on cardiology and COVID pandemic
Apr 29 Tele Cardiology Approaching COVID19 in the digital era: management and advice from China and Brasil

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