Upcoming Webinars

SEPTEMBER: 26th, Thursday - ISfTeH Medical & Bioinformatics WG
Starts 09:00 AM ( Pacific Daylight Time) or 01:00 PM (Brazilian time) - Duration: up to 90 minutes

Title: Digital Health Leadership in the Healthcare Organizations
Moderator: Dr. Michele Griffith - ISfTeH Board Member
1. Dr. Dina Ziadlou (ISfTeH Member of Medical & Bioinformatics WG): Digital Transformation Leadership in Healthcare Organizations
2. Dr. Ram Prakash Suriyanarayanan (ISfTeH Member of Medical & Bioinformatics WG): Impact of AI in Tele-rehabilitation on Healthcare Organizations


OCTOBER: 17th or 24th (Thursday); Alternatively: 15th or 22nd (Tuesday)
To define

NOVEMBER: 14th or 21st (Thursday); Alternatively: 12th or 19th (Tuesday)
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DECEMBER: 05th or 12th (Thursday); Alternatively: 03rd or 10th (Tuesday)
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If you are interested of joining these events, or need other info, please contact us.