Patient Engagement Leadership

August 10, 2021

Join us on August 10th, 2021 (09:00 PDT - 12:00 EDT - 18:00 CEST) for a webinar presented by the ISfTeH Working Group on Digital Transformation Leadership on the topic of "Patient Engagement Leadership."
Patient engagement leadership is a comprehensive concept encompassing not only patient's health literacy and knowledge improvement in the healthcare landscape but also engaging patients in decision making and involving them in their health promotion and diseases alleviation. In this webinar, the patient engagement concept will be discussed from different perspectives of high-profile experts. The webinar also features two patients to delineate this journey from their perspective. We are aiming to centralize the perspective of the health ecosystem toward hearing the voice of patients and their stories; the patients' stories about their disease journey and the way that they have dealt with their bodies and pains. For building a patient-centric system, these stories must be intertwined with medical diagnosis and treatment and must be heard to create accountable decisions, effective services, and efficient technologies toward excellent patients experience.

Moderated by:

Dr. Dina Ziadlou (USA), Colorado Technical University & Chair of Digital Transformation Leadership, ISfTeH


Dr. Richard Fitton (UK), Data Protection Officer, West Pennine Local Medical Committee
Dr. Brian McMillan (UK), National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), Advanced Fellow at the Centre for Primary Care and Health Services Research, University of Manchester
Dr. Brian Fisher (UK), Chair, Health Creation Alliance & Director, Evergreen Life
Dr. Sima Marzban (USA), Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs, Larkin Health System & President, Key Patient Insights

Patient perspectives provided by:

Chary Ashton
Oliver Crawton



August 10, 2021