Past Webinars

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MAY: 30th, 2019 - TeleNursing WG 

Title: Telenursing in Advanced Practice Nursing
Moderator: Dr. Konstantinos Antypas - ISfTeH TeleNursing WG Coordinator
1. Dr. Patricia Camillo: Advanced Practice Telehealth Nursing: Practical Strategies and Remaining Questions;
2. Dr. Rebecca A. Bates: Hot Spots: Using Telehealth to Partner with Patients and Educate Students;


Dec 05th, 2018 - TeleDentistry WG

“Brazilian Special Interest Group of Teledentistry of the University Telemedicine Network – RUTE” (Dr. Ana Estela Haddad). 
“Dentistry eLearning Course for Special Needs Patients” (Dr. Deise Garrido). 
"Estomatonet" (Prof Dr Vinicus Carrard). 

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Nov 19th, 2018 - TeleNursing WG

On Monday, 19th November 2018 the TeleNursing Working Group of the ISfTeH organised a webinar with the theme: Nordic e-Health National Strategies for Nurses: Content, Vision, Results and International Relevance. The first presenter, Pirkko Kouri, the Vice-President of ISfTeH and Principal Lecturer of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Finland, presented the Finnish strategy along with their experiences from developing it and applying it. The second presenter, Kathy Mølstad, Senior Adviser for the Norwegian Nursing Association, presented the Norwegian their experiences from developing and applying a strategy for eHealth and later a platform for innovation. There were about 30 participants in the webinar, and some of them were actively involved in the discussion that followed the presentations. Among other topics, the discussion evolved around nursing aspects of Electronic Health Records in Nordic and other countries.

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Jun 11, 2018 - TeleCardiology WG

"Artifical Intelligence in Cardiology" (Nina Sesto, Yann Fleureau, moderators Alexandru Mischie and Adolfo Sparenberg).

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April 9th, 2018 - TeleNursing WG

"Intervention Research in Nursing: Where we are now and why we need it" (Clarissa Rodrigues, PhD). 
"Tele-Assistance Strategies to Support Institutionalized Elderly" (Patricia Dias, MSc).

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Dec 15th , 2017 - TeleDentistry WG

° Dr. Ana Estela Haddad : “Brazilian Special Interest Group of Teledentistry of the University Telemedicine Network – RUTE”
° Dr. Deise Garrido : “Dentistry eLearning Course for Special Needs Patients”

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May 22th, 2017 - TeleNursing WG

"Evidence-based Practice of Tele-ICU implementation"

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May 24, 2019