ISfTeH Education Program

The ISfTeH recognising the importance of education and training in telemedicine specifically and digital health in general created the "ISfTeH Education Program" under the umbrella of the ISfTeH Management Board. As such, education is positioned more formally within the structure of the ISfTeH, driving new initiatives forward.

Prof. Dr Jefferson Fernandes (Brazil) has been appointed as first Director of the ISfTeH Education Program.

Among the purposes of such Program is the coordination and management of the overlapping education activities of all the Society's organs:

° Working Groups: they have always played an important role in information and knowledge activities.
   The ISfTeH Education Program will support, in the best possible way, the educational actions
   of the WGs.
° CONEDIG: the Consortium of Educational Institutions in Digital Health is an academically
   independent body that operates under the umbrella of the ISfTeH and now of its Education Program.
   Its mission and purpose are to assist the Consortium partners to coordinate their programs
   around digital health education such as teaching, research & development, practical applications,
   in view of graduation, post-graduation and workforce training.
° Student Members: became a special sub-section, recognizing the role that these members are
   called upon to play in the further development of Digital Health.
   Coordinator: Dr Adolfo Sparenberg

Another purpose of the ISfTeH Education Program is to foster key education and training projects in the telemedicine and digital health fields in concert with other organs of the Society building Education Projects in partnership with institutions, organizations, etc, and proprietary activities such as courses, workshop, webinars, etc.

Finally, ISfTeH Education Program will contribute to the development of educational activities for the processes of certification and/or accreditation in telemedicine and telehealth in partnership with third parties or proprietary, and in concert with other ISfTeH organs.