ISfTeH Course/Training Endorsement Program

The ISfTeH supports quality educational and training programs by reviewing and endorsing the programs' content and faculty. Proper education and training (for students in basic curricula, and professionals in the workforce) are important to assure good knowledge and expertise in telemedicine/telehealth and digital health topics and to assure quality medical and health service provision.

The following courses and training programs are currently already endorsed by the ISfTeH:


Certified Digital Health Professional (CDHP) Program

(provided by Digital Health Associates)


Digital Health - Key Knowledge in Digital Health Immersion Course

(provided by Ahed - Advanced Health Education, Nova Medical School)


TeleMental Health Training Certificate Program (THTC)

(provided by Telehealth Certification Institute)

TeleStroke Facilitator Certificate Training Program

(provided by Telehealth Certification Institute)

TeleHealth Director/Manager and Coordinator Certificate Training Program

(provided by Telehealth Certification Institute)


Medgate Academy

Medgate Academy is a comprehensive, interactive e-learning platform that offers over 300 courses for medical doctors, digital healthcare providers, and eHealth experts across Europe and beyond. Founded by Medgate, a telemedicine pioneer with over 20 years of experience and 10 million teleconsultations performed, the academy's mission is to enhance healthcare professionals' knowledge and skills, contributing to improved patient care worldwide.

The endorsed educational program aims to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary expertise not only to start translating their medical experience into a digital environment but also to keep up with the latest advancements in digital health, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. The program endorsed by ISfTeH consists of 60+ e-learning courses and live sessions, covering a wide range of relevant topics in 100+ hours of education, including medical, procedural, legal, ethical, and software aspects of telemedicine. The courses are organized into sequential blocks, providing a structured and clear learning path for participants.

For more information about this program and the courses provided by Medgate Academy, please contact To learn more about Medgate, visit


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