International Accreditation in Telehealth and eHealth

Date: November 17th, 2021 - Time: 13.00 (GMT)


Shawn Griffin, MD, President and CEO, URAC
Neja Samar Brenčič, M.Psych., M.A., IZRIIS Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Chair of the ISfTeH Working Group Standards and Accreditation for Telehealth Services


Malcolm Fisk



1.      Welcome and Introduction – Jefferson Fernandes  (5 min)

2.      Setting the Stage – What’s Happening in Telehealth Today – Malcolm Fisk (5 min)

3.      Why do health care organizations choose to pursue accreditation?
         Talk about your programs and how you focus on quality care from a distance.
         Feel free to mention the value you saw in having validation by a third-party,
         independent accreditor - GluCare Integrated Diabetes Centre (10 min) and
         Ain Shams Virtual Hospital (10 min)

4.      ISfTeH Standards and Accreditation for Telehealth Services - Neja Samar Brenčič (10 min)

5.      URAC and accreditation - Shawn Griffin (10 min)

6.       Questions and Answers (20 min)