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(2014/04/22) "Synopsis – focus on patients and processes"

(HealthTech Wire / Interview) - Hospital information systems are a huge toolbox offering many functions. But what if users are unable to find the tools they need? Michael Strüter, managing director Agfa HealthCare GmbH and head of Sales ...

(2014/04/22) "Ensuring data access provides better patient care"

(HealthTech Wire / Interview) - In the healthcare system, all signs point to data networks expanding. It is not only resident practitioners who use digital communications. Information is also exchanged electronically between doctors, ...

(2014/04/22) "Terminology servers provide process support in hospitals"

(HealthTech Wire / Interview) - More and more hospitals are making use of terminology servers to better assist with processing electronic health records. The aim is not only to optimize invoicing procedures but also to improve the quality ...

(2014/04/22) "Web-based solutions in outpatient care"

(HealthTech Wire / Interviews) - In health IT all signs are pointing towards an increase in web-based solutions. However, the con-cept of ‘one cloud fits all will not be able to meet the requirements. medatixx, a company specialising in ...

(2014/04/22) "Focus on the customer"

(HealthTech Wire / Interview) - IT systems can considerably lighten the workload of hospital staff. Why is it then that many customers are not entirely happy with their systems? For Matthias Meierhofer of MEIERHOFER AG the answer to ...

(2014/04/22) Investing in consulting services is worthwhile

(HealthTech Wire / Interview) - In order to meet the requirements of modern-day health care, hospitals need standardized IT solutions and optimized processes. Hospitals can obtain the necessary information by individually analyzing ...

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